Many companies are upgrading computer systems every couple of years these days and a lot of times those companies rely on outside contractors to complete the work that is needed for the upgrade.  IT companies are located all over the country and are very similar when it comes to the services that they will provide for you.  In the Orlando area, you have NetComplete that can provide the managed services that you need.  Services like repair, cloud, BDR and phone management for your company.  You do not have to be a Fortune 500 company to outsource the services that NetComplete can provide for you.  The company works with large and small businesses a like in the Orlando, Florida area.  NetComplete was founded back in 1996 and has the vision of helping business with all of the technology needs as we move through the 21st century.

Managed service agreements are common

When you get an outside contractor to manage the technology services for your business, there is often times a managed service agreement put into place so that both parties know what to expect.  A good managed service agreement will provide the business owner with the understanding of what services will be provided during the agreement and how the agreement will add value to your customer as well.  Just like any other contract, a managed service agreement is what binds what services are provided to the client.  Many times an agreement of this type is written up with the help of a legal team, but that usually depends on the level of service that will be provided and the size of the business the agreement covers.

Things that might be included in the managed service agreement

In most cases, managed service agreements are the same from company to company.  Generally, and they can be quite customized, they are going to outline the level of service that the business owner can expect including services, priorities, responsibilities, availability, serviceability, performance, response time, operation and resolutions.  The common list will get you from the start to the end of any issue that might arise during the agreement.  When it comes to what the business gets out of the agreement, it starts with the list, but should also include the rights the business has, as well as the rights of the customers.

Other legal items that might be included

When writing up the managed services agreement, the IT company like NetComplete would outline the services they plan to provide, but should also include anything legal as well.  Things like a termination clause should be included, as well as a limitation of liability, fees and payment schedule and in the hours of operation.  As previously mentioned, the agreements can be completely customized and can include many more steps no matter how small they seem to be.  Other legal issues that might need to be covered will include intellectual property rights, privacy and confidentiality, assignment of agreement and risk mitigation strategies.  Issues that come up can affect the agreement that was put into place so it is important that you know how to handle them.  Putting many layers into a managed service agreement might take some time and seem like a process that is not needed, but by doing so you are protecting your company as well as your customer in the end.

NetComplete has been in the business many years

NetComplete has helped hundreds of clients over the years in the Orlando area.  Companies that are small to medium in size come to NetComplete each year to have their data protected and asking for help to grow their business and meet goals.  Attention to detail, quality products and the best customer service you can ask for helps to set NetComplete apart from the other IT companies in the state of Florida.  If you are a small to medium sized business in the Orlando area, contact us so we can outline the services that we would be happy to provide for you.  Services that we provide include cloud computing, hosting, new hardware, network support and server monitoring.  Not all companies need all of the services that we provide, but NetComplete is available in the need that you have to expand the services that we already provide to you.