Quality Hardware You pay your employees to work, right? If you are saving money by using circa 2003 computer equipment,  it might be a good idea to opt for an upgrade. The less time your employees are waiting for something to load, or something to be fixed, the more time they are spending getting work done. Also, if you are backed up to a quality server, there is less of a chance of hardware failure, and that means less downtime.

Now I’m not saying go out and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on top of the line equipment (It’s a better idea to lease anyway). But I am making a logical connection between up to date equipment and employee work completion rate. Companies that are based around computers and the internet should really take this advice to heart. Not only will you be taken less seriously on dinosaur age CPUs, but you’ll see a substantial increase in turnout, and employee overall moral. After all, who wants to strain their eyes on a CRT monitor when there are plenty affordable LCD displays on the market?

Even if technology is a small part of your business, if you don’t stay up to date you will soon be overshadowed by  your big brother competitors that are putting in the extra dollar to keep quality equipment in their facilities. Now I know that buying an entirely new computer system, especially for a large business can get expensive, but think of it as an investment in future profits. Don’t leave out the possibility of leasing equipment either, I’ve mentioned in previous blogs the benefits of leasing IT equipment over buying.