Deciding to move your business to a new location comes with many obstacles and challenges. One of the major problems a company will face when moving is transporting their technology and rearranging it in the new office.

If the move of your network and computer systems is not well planned out ahead of time you are guaranteed to face a longer downtime. Not only does the hardware need to be moved but there needs to be a layout designed before the hardware can be put into place.

It is best to have an IT professional visit both of your locations and create a plan for your move and set-up. You will need to make a map that focuses on where your server will be located. Think of it as the heart of your business. You are basically performing a heart transplant when you move your server to a new building. All of the arteries (cabling) need to be running to and from the heart (server) properly so this cabling will need to be pre-placed into the office space. 

In addition to having a good plan of attack and a safe and trusted mover you will need to think if the hardware you currently have is going to be appropriate for your new location. Maybe you’re moving to a bigger space, or you need to do some upgrading. This is the perfect time to add additional parts to your network.

This seems to hold especially true with a phone system. Many office communities do not realize that the phone system they are using is out of date until they move and end up having more problems with it because it is out of date. Today’s office phone systems can handle just about anything your office could need it to do. You can even link two offices and be able to transfer calls between them.

Moving is never going to be an easy task but having a good IT partner to help you can take some of the stress away from the task. Don’t wait until you can’t put the pieces back together. If you are planning to move, call your IT partner as soon as you have access to the new space.