Tablets are no longer the future, they are becoming the norm. It seems like everyone has one and post-Christmas there’s a good chance just about everyone will. This extra mobility is convenient but it also opens up a whole new playing field for people to obtain your information.

If you are using your tablet without knowing if the network you are connected to is secure, you could be leaving your information out for anyone to see. This puts you in a greater risk of any login information you enter to a website being obtained and your identity being stolen.

Trend Micro has come out with a tool for Android tablet users called DirectPass to protect you. DirectPass is a password manager that stores and protects you login information for all of the sites that you need to sign in to. With DirectPass you will be accessing websites from within an encrypted environment, instead of on the normal browser that you would usually use.

Using this app also takes away the hassle of trying to remember all of your passwords. All you need to remember is the password for DirectPass and then the program remembers the rest for you. If you change any of your passwords to your remembered sites, it is easy to go in and make the modifications accordingly. Saving your address and credit card information to the application will save you from always have to enter it in when shopping online, as well.

If you are concerned about your security when logging in to websites from your tablet (which you should be). At NetComplete we recommend trying DirectPass to manage your credentials.