Deciding whether to outsource IT services in Orlando or build your in-house team can be difficult. There are many pros and cons for both and depending on your business, you may lean more towards one more than the other. 

In order to know which is a better option for your business, let’s take a look at the benefits and the disadvantages of both.

In-House Team Benefits

There are several benefits to putting together your own in-house IT support team. Perhaps the most prominent of these benefits is that they will know your system more intimately. They’ll also be familiar with your business’s daily functions and programs.

With an in-house team, the cost of service will be predictable. You won’t have surprising fees pop up and you’ll know where your money is going as you’ll have a lot more control over the team processes. 

In-House Team Cons

One of the cons of hiring your own in-house team is that you’ll have to pay your team even when they aren’t actively repairing or working on something. Whether they are on an hourly wage or monthly salary, there will be times where there’s not a lot of IT work to do. This is just the reality of how IT support works.

Another disadvantage of an in-house team is that they won’t have the means to do everything. While your team may be well equipped, there are some things they just won’t be able to do and you’ll find yourself having to still outsource the work while also paying your in-house team. 

Alternatively, there may be times when there’s too much work for your in-house team to finish in a timely manner. In other words, having an in-house team doesn’t allow you the flexibility of increasing or decreasing your team resources easily.

There may come a time when you need the expertise of someone not on your team. In-house teams can have limited expertise fields and when a very niche problem comes up, they may not have the skills or expertise necessary to deal with it.

Outsourcing Benefits

With outsourcing, you’ll have access to a team of skilled professionals without having to pay all of them a regular salary. You won’t be paying extra for a consultation from someone with very niche expertise when you outsource to an IT company.

When you outsource, you’ll also find that because these professionals work with many other businesses, they’ll know what will and won’t work for your company. 

They’ve tried and tested several methods and thanks to their broad experience, they really do know the best way for solving a certain problem. You won’t be as limited to what your own personal team can or cannot do.

Outsourcing Cons

When working with an outsourced team, it’s common to have fears or doubts about what’s going on. Maybe you don’t feel like you’re being kept in the loop as well as you think you should be. 

Since outsourced teams work with other businesses, you might feel that they’re not entirely focused on your needs. However, choosing a reputable IT support company will be beneficial here. A good company will have adequate resources and good customer support to attend to all their clients’ needs.


Outsourcing your IT support can save you money and open up possibilities. With more access to a wide variety of fields and skilled professionals, you’ll have more support and cost-efficiency than if you choose to build your own in-house team.