Antivirus ManagementRemember the days when simply having a malware and anti-virus program installed by an IT Support Orlando Company was enough to keep your computer healthy for a few years? Unfortunately that is far from the case when it comes to today’s contemporary issues and online health threats.

For this reason, having a knowledgeable Malware and antivirus management system in place has become essential in maintaining your company’s’ computers and network free from these terrible problems.

One great way to find out if you have selected the right IT Service is to ask them what is included in their management package. If it is simply a cd installation, you might as well place your time and money in the trash.

To keep your network secure an IT professional should do two things:

1. Offer a comprehensive approach to reducing malware infection
2. Place a system into place of constant monitoring so that one is able to see how effectively the management system worked in taking out the virus.

To achieve this, certain technologies such as endpoint management, antivirus management services, and web/email filtering are utilized.

Endpoints on a network are basically the freedoms that are allowed to the user to get to where they want to go on the web or do what they want to do on the web. Generally when too tightly controlled, clients will complain but safety against malware is at its’ best. When controlled to loosely, the susceptibility of malware to cause infection grows.

The best method for any problem is to stop it at the source. Rather than waiting to solve a malware issue once a computer is infected why not stop it from ever reaching one’s desktop computer? Content filtering allows this to become possible.  Through content filtering a program scans all email and web sources for malicious code, and warns users of this. This service is now being pushed onto the cloud.

Lastly monitor, monitor, monitor. All antivirus software programs come with management platforms where a user can see for themselves how many attacks were blocked and destroyed. An IT Support Orlando Company such as Net Complete, LLC will always have management consoles set up to become alerted right away in the event of a potential attack, so call today.