The irony behind it all: Thanksgiving is a time for us to give thanks. We all say that we’re thankful for the people and the things that we have in our lives but then, the very next day (or even the same day with some stores actually opening on Thanksgiving Day!) we go out and buy more.

How much do you value your time: Yes, we all know that the Black Friday deals are usually well below normal price but time has a value as well. People spend hours waiting in line, researching where they’re going to shop, even camping out over night. This is time that could be spent with your family enjoying the holiday. Surrounding yourself with greedy, pushy, rude people in order to get the steal of the Christmas season is obviously worth it for a lot of people.

Black Friday shoppers may see this as an opportunity to get their holiday shopping done and out of the way and spend a little less money in the process. These motives are respectable. On the contrary, there are many people who go out to buy things for themselves just because of the deals and not because it’s something they actually need.

Black Friday shopping has become so hectic that you are literally risking your life to go shopping. There has actually been a death that was caused by the trampling into a store at a Black Friday opening. There are always fights and reports of people being injured. Are those material things really worth risking your health and life over?

Reported Crime:

Covington, Washington- a suspected drunk driver ran down two people in a Walmart parking lot.

San Antonio, Texas- a man in line pulled a gun on another man that tried to make his way to the front of the line.

Baltimore, Maryland- a 14 year old was robbed of his Black Friday treasures by 5 men in a Bed Bath and Beyond parking lot.

Holland Township, Michigan-two women who got caught shoplifting from Old Navy pulled a gun on the security office as he tried to take down their license plate number.

Kentwood, Michigan- Pepper spray was used in a gang fight at the mall. Two teenagers were taken into custody but it is unknown who used the pepper spray.

Cyber Monday is supposed to take some of the pressure off of the crowds on Black Friday. In many cases you can find the same deals from Black Friday online on Cyber Monday and with free shipping. Sometimes the deals are even better and you have the ability to compare prices with other sites from the leisure of your own home or office.

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