With technology getting to be such an integral part of life today, a broken computer can be devastating to your business, education, and social life. Proper maintenance is a key factor in keeping your beloved computer out of the repair shop. Hiring an expert can definitely get to be expensive, when more times than not, the problems being fixed aren’t even that complicated of an issue to begin with. With the proper groundwork of knowledge about computers, you can keep your machine running like new.
There are more types of issues that can arise with computers than anyone could ever explain in one sitting. The most common though are hardware malfunctions, viruses, and fragmented registry problems. A majority of these issues can be fixed with a little research and some background knowledge on the topic. If you’re not comfortable performing an at home fix, always bring your machine into an expert to avoid completely destroying it.

Hardware problems are probably the most straightforward, but at the same time the most complicated fixes. Let me explain, for example, if you know you need a new hard drive, fan, disk drive, etc. it’s as simple as this; get a new part. At the same time though, you can’t just purchase a new part, set it on top of your desktop and be done with it, it requires installation. For most hardware issues I would highly suggest taking it into a professional to avoid voiding your warranty and more importantly ruining your machine.

Viruses are the most common reason for needing computer repair; but more times than not can be prevented by implementing a proper anti-virus program, and having basic knowledge what and what not to click on when you’re browsing the web. If you think your computer has a virus, run the most in depth scan your software has to offer in order to remove that problem. In addition to this though, you should be running at least basic scans on a regular basis to prevent an attack on your computer in the first place.

The registry for your computer is the database that stores everything for the operating system, and every program you have on your computer. This being said, if you don’t 100% know what you’re doing DON’T MESS WITH IT. If you get an error message directing you to the registry, immediately take it to someone who is well versed in dealing with this issue. Improper editing of the registry has the potential of bricking your computer beyond repair.

It’s always better to practice regular maintenance on your computer than it is to pay for regular repairs. Always be sure to be running quality anti-virus software on your computer, and address problems as soon as they appear. Just like with most things, brushing problems under the rug only leads to bigger issues in the long run. If you are curious about our services, click here to learn more