We are now offering Complete-Sync, a cloud based storage system for small to medium sized business that is breaking barriers with its security, storage space, and ease of use. Complete-sync provides an easy way for your business to share and sync important data across multiple platforms, while keeping security a top priority. The dashboard allows administrators to keep strict policies based on your organization’s needs.

With Complete-sync, you can access your files from anywhere. Unlike similar services, if you update any of your files on Complete-Sync you can be sure that your files are updated at every file access point. Additionally, we offer you military grade security, 448-Bit Blowfish, encryption. Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest in the cloud, with SSL to ensure secure data transfers.

Do you have an employee that you haven’t quite gained full trust over yet? Well with Complete-Sync you can track activity of all files stored there. You can see who opened what files at what time, or if the file you instructed an employee to work on was even opened at all! We are one of very few companies that can offer this sort of feature for our cloud storage system.

Additionally, let’s say you make a revision to a file that turns out to be inaccurate. You will have access to your revisions as well as your deleted files. Revisions are a great way to essentially go back in time. Touching on our security again, if you have sensitive data sitting on your Complete-Sync system, you have the ability to remotely wipe any data you don’t want getting into the wrong hands. And just like file updates, file wipes are effective over all access points.

The best part about our Complete-sync system is that if for any reason you have technical issues, you won’t have to deal with a 3rd part troubleshooter, you have access to your trusty NetComplete support team. For a small price, Complete-Sync can add ease of workflow to your business while also keeping all of your important files safe and secure. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about this service. We are here to help you!