Even a small problem, with any one part of your network, can adversely affect all computers and servers and bring your business to a virtual halt. As your IT services Orlando partner, you can count on us to diligently monitor your network and often discover and resolve problems before you were even aware there was one!

Our vigilance allows us to quickly fix problems so you can continue your work without missing a beat. With our Complete-Care offerings you can have it all. A fixed monthly expense, fast reliable support, professional technicians, remote and onsite support, and quality hardware and software from a company you can count on. With Net Complete, you no longer have to settle for less.

Complete Care Services

Complete Care

CompleteCare – Break/Fix and Server Monitoring

Complete-Care Break/Fix allows a client to obtain support on an as-needed basis. Server Monitoring and Desktop Maintenance includes the ability of the help desk to have a remote connection to the client’s network. We advise you of any warnings, outages or errors.

Network and computer problems can be frustrating, but with CompleteCare, help is only a phone call away.

This remote connection allows for service to occur quickly and easily:

  • Server Monitoring consists of installing our monitoring agent on the server(s) and then notifying the client when there is a warning, error, or outage. Vintage will inform the client of the issue and get permission to fix it on a “time and materials” basis.
  • Client Desktop Maintenance includes running scripts to improve performance and reducing the probability of failures.

Complete Care Plus

CompleteCare Plus – Server Monitoring w/ Proactive Maintenance

CompleteCare Plus includes all services of CompleteCare Break/Fix, plus proactive maintenance on each server. With the addition of proactive maintenance, a less expensive labor rate is given.

This service includes the ability of the help desk to have a remote connection to the client’s network.

Additional services include:

  • Each server will have a Server Maintenance Checklist completed monthly • Microsoft patches reviewed and applied as appropriate
  • Test restores of your backups to verify that they are recoverable upon emergency
  • Desktop Maintenance
  • Proactive Server Maintenance
  • Additional services include anti-virus, off-site disk changes and vaulting, and remote backups.

Complete Care Advanced

CompleteCare Advanced – Network Maintenance w/ End User Options

Complete-Care Unlimited Network Maintenance includes all services of Vintage Care Plus, along with unlimited remote and onsite Network Maintenance, and Server Maintenance.

  • Server maintenance checklists are completed twice per month, per server.
  • Client options include:
    • Desktop Maintenance
    • Unlimited End-User Remote Help Desk
    • Mobile Device Support
    • Virus Remediation

Disasters can happen anytime or anywhere. Will your company be ready?

Did you know that almost 70% of all small to medium business that suffer a major data loss will go out of business within a years time?

Of those companies that encounter a disaster and have not planned, around 40% never re-open their doors. Those that do, only roughly 30% are still in business 2 years later. It’s never too late to implement a solution that protects your data and insures your business will survive a natural or malicious disaster.

Remote backups and remote server replication can insure you do not become a statistic.

Using full server replication software coupled with datacenter and additional hardware, your company will be able to continue its business with little or no interruption at all. The service is totally managed and maintained by our staff. After a pre-determined condition is met, the servers can be failed over to a standby set of servers in the cloud.

We must mention, it’s equally important to have offsite backup of data, even if remote replication is not for your company, remote backups should be a high priority. Hard drives crash, thunderstorms, hurricanes, employee mischief, all are examples how how your data could be at risk. Contact us to find out how we can help you have piece of mind with our complete IT services.

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