Importance of Email Security / Fighting Phishing Attempts

When it comes to cybersecurity and IT support in Orlando, every step counts when you are trying to protect your valuable data. For all of us, email has become an invaluable tool of communication, making it a prime target for hackers. 

Phishing attacks, in particular, have been on the rise and are one of the most common security challenges. Whether it’s targeting your personal information, passwords, or credit card details, hackers are employing all sorts of phishing tactics to break through your defenses.

To protect yourself from such threats, it is essential to understand phishing attacks, as well as how email security can be a big deterrent to falling prey to the attacks.

What are Phishing Attacks and How to Fight Against Them

Defining Phishing Attacks

Essentially, the majority of phishing attacks fall under email phishing. This is a security attack used by cybercriminals and organizations to steal important and often sensitive information. 

Such data can include the usernames and passwords you use to log in to your company’s secure servers, details about the financial status and more in the company, or even valuable secret information that can fetch a good price out in the market. There are plenty of ways to undermine a company, and email phishing is often the first tactic in cyberattacks. 

It is also no longer just the traditional phishing emails that we are used to. The methods and ways have evolved to become more sophisticated. It pays to be more attentive when it comes to your cybersecurity. 

Protection is Key

There are many ways of combating such criminal attacks. You need to learn how to identify and avoid phishing emails. Always check with fellow colleagues, for example, when you receive a strange-looking email that can appear official at first glance.

Authenticating the sender’s name, email, and more can be very important, and be sure not to click on links in emails without making sure everything is legit.

Applications used in organizations should also be subjected to a 2-factor authentication system, providing an additional layer of protection. 

Do not click on any links or download any attachments from emails that look suspicious.

Importance of Email Security

With email phishing becoming increasingly prevalent, there is a need to beef up email security. 

There is no doubt that email security is a tough nut to crack. Even as email providers are constantly improving their defenses, hackers are also constantly innovating to find more ways to breach those defenses.

Spam filters can be effective at helping you to identify phishing emails. However, spam filters alone might not be sufficient because the fact is, phishing attempts have evolved through the years yet spam filters have remained largely unchanged.

The best way to enhance email security is to install an email protection system. Such a system will provide real-time protection against phishing attempts through intensive detection. Ultimately, robust email security can give you a fighting chance against relentless phishing attacks.


Cybersecurity is an essential part of our lives today, given our reliance on and heavy usage of the internet. Cybercrime is not going to stop anytime soon, and hackers are always on the lookout for opportunities to enact their schemes and get into the system. 

The best way to fight back is to have proper defenses in place, whether it’s through better email security or educating employees about such threats. Do not fall victim to phishing and other cybercrimes and take your cybersecurity seriously today.

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What Are Managed Service Agreements?

Many companies are upgrading computer systems every couple of years these days and a lot of times those companies rely on outside contractors to complete the work that is needed for the upgrade.  IT companies are located all over the country and are very similar when it comes to the services that they will provide for you.  In the Orlando area, you have NetComplete that can provide the managed services that you need.  Services like repair, cloud, BDR and phone management for your company.  You do not have to be a Fortune 500 company to outsource the services that NetComplete can provide for you.  The company works with large and small businesses a like in the Orlando, Florida area.  NetComplete was founded back in 1996 and has the vision of helping business with all of the technology needs as we move through the 21st century. (more…)

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The Heart Bleed Bug

Getting on the internet is easier than it has ever been before.  Smartphones, tablets, laptops, watches and even some cars can get access to the internet.  Usually when something is this easy to access, bad things can come from it.  Starting with the very first virus back in the day, hackers and other criminals have been trying to find ways to gain access to information that is otherwise restricted to the public.  Retail stores are getting hit with viruses that can read through customer information, including credit cards, social security numbers and addresses.  Other viruses are just put online to close down websites as part of a political activist prank, but all in all, anything connected to the internet can be affected in some way.  This year, the Hearthbleed bug brought the internet to a halt and even though website claim issues have been fixed, many believe otherwise. (more…)

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We are now offering Complete-Sync, a cloud based storage system for small to medium sized business that is breaking barriers with its security, storage space, and ease of use. Complete-sync provides an easy way for your business to share and sync important data across multiple platforms, while keeping security a top priority. The dashboard allows administrators to keep strict policies based on your organization’s needs. (more…)

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VoIP/PIP Phones

Voip PhonesIf you are not familiar at all with VoIP phone services, prepare to have your mind blown. Chances are you have already interacted with a VoIP phone, or have held a conversation with someone who has. VoIP stands for “voice over internet protocol”, put simply, this means you are able to talk on the phone with only an internet connection, and bypass the expensive phone companies all together.

While companies such as Vonage have been using this technology for some time now, it is just starting to gain popularity over the past year or so. In fact, all the phones in my office are VoIP phones, and I save a bundle every month. Another big benefit of this technology is you are not limited by your geographic location choosing what phone company you can use. With wired phones, you are restrained by who has available phone lines in your area. With internet phones you can connect anywhere, to any number, at any time. (more…)

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Repair yourself, or take it in?

There are many problems that can arise on a computer. Various categories from software and hardware malfunctions to viruses and registry errors, how do you know what you can handle, and at what point do you need to take your computer in for repair? Generally, you should be running an antivirus software on a regular basis to help combat problems from entering your computer in the first place. If you failed to do this, many viruses can be removed with software, or manual deletion of a corrupted file. (more…)

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What is an IT specialist?

To most people, the job description of an IT specialist is somewhat of an unknown. Maybe you know they do something with computers, fix a problem here and there, but what do they really do? Yes IT specialists generally work solely with computers, but their job tasks can vary anywhere from repairing hardware, to troubleshooting and maintaining databases full of information. (more…)

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IT Services Central Florida and Remote Services

Remote ServicesIT Services Central Florida Professionals such as Net Complete are often encountered with situations in which remote support is the best and most realistic method in order to solve an issue.

Has this ever happened to you? Imagine you have an important presentation to make in the next day and have just finished proof reading all of your presentation materials. You come back to use your computer the next day and unfortunately a virus has infected your system and you are unable to obtain all the presentation documents!

In situations such as these where time is of the essence and you have no idea how to effectively resolve the issue on your own, an IT support member may access your computer remotely to resolve the problem. When working remotely, an experienced IT professional will access your computer over the network and temporarily take it over. They are bound by contract and ethical duty not to interfere with your personal data stored on the device, and to only work on the issue that must be fixed. (more…)

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IT Support Orlando Malware and Antivirus Management

Antivirus ManagementRemember the days when simply having a malware and anti-virus program installed by an IT Support Orlando Company was enough to keep your computer healthy for a few years? Unfortunately that is far from the case when it comes to today’s contemporary issues and online health threats.

For this reason, having a knowledgeable Malware and antivirus management system in place has become essential in maintaining your company’s’ computers and network free from these terrible problems.

One great way to find out if you have selected the right IT Service is to ask them what is included in their management package. If it is simply a cd installation, you might as well place your time and money in the trash. (more…)

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Information On What To Expect From Your IT Support Orlando Onsite Monthly Visit

This is a simple guideline on what to expect from your IT Support Orlando onsite monthly visit from Net Complete, LLC. The biggest advantage of this type of service is that all computer systems in the office or home will be working at most favorable levels. It will also help to reduce chances of computer breakdowns, loss of valuable information, costly repairs, and work downtime. (more…)

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