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Staying Secure While You Work From Home

It’s not uncommon to be working from home these days, although the need for safety is no less crucial. When you’re working from home, there’s another means of being safe you should be concerned with: online security. 

You might think you know everything about online security, but there are still loopholes for cyberattacks if you’re not careful. Read on to find out our Orlando IT company‘s advice on how to stay secure when you work from home. 

Staying Secure While You Work From Home: Cybersecurity

Keep Devices Separate

There’s a difference between losing personal information, and losing company information. While both can be damaging and costly, you can reduce the risk of both coming under cyberattack. 

If you have a computer designated for work, and another for personal use, keep it that way. Don’t use your work PC for personal activity, and vice versa. It can be a hassle but if only one is under attack, at least the other can remain safe. 

Don’t Dismiss Updates

If you’ve been noticing update notifications, don’t dismiss them. Sometimes, updates are just to enhance the user experience of the software or device. However, many times, these updates also include patches and updates for security purposes. 

Even if a company doesn’t advertise a security flaw, or have a major breach, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. These updates are to prevent those security problems before they occur. 

Get Your Passwords in Check

If you’re like most people, updating your password doesn’t happen nearly enough. While many cybersecurity experts recommend changing your password every six months, few of us adhere to this rule. 

One reason we don’t change out passwords often enough is because in this day and age, it can be difficult to keep track of all our different passwords. A good, secure password manager can help you with this. 

On the topic of passwords and different accounts, you might be using the same or similar password(s) for most of your accounts. This is a major cybersecurity risk. 

If a hacker gets one of your passwords, chances are that they can get into your other accounts too. Don’t use easy, personal passwords. The best passwords are more complicated strings of letters, numbers, and symbols. Again, if these are hard to remember, using a secure password manager can help. 

Secure the Physical Area

Not all data is compromised through remote attacks. If you have devices with valuable personal or business information stored on them, keep them in a safe place. 

Nobody wants to imagine a break-in, but thieves often steal computers, phones, and other devices with sensitive information. Make sure you always know where your devices are, and keep them in a secured area. 

Reconsider Two Step Authentication

It can be annoying when you have to enter a code from your smartphone to access an account on your PC. However, every extra step you have to take to log in is another shield from a cyber attack. 

Even if a hacker or thief gains access to your computer, they won’t be able to access your accounts without having access to your phone as well. It works both ways. Even if your phone is stolen, thieves can’t get your information or make purchases unless they have another way to verify your identity. 

Stop Ignoring Your Anti-Virus Software

Does anti-virus software seem like a thing of the past? It shouldn’t. A solid firewall and strong antivirus software is your first line of protection against cyber threats. Use a reputable software, and keep it updated!


Staying safe when you work from home has a lot to do with keeping your information secure. Remember, keep your devices separate, use strong passwords, and do everything you can to make it hard for hackers to steal your information. If it takes longer for you to log in, it takes them longer to attack too.  

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in house or outsourced

Outsourced vs In-house IT support

Deciding whether to outsource IT services in Orlando or build your in-house team can be difficult. There are many pros and cons for both and depending on your business, you may lean more towards one more than the other. 

In order to know which is a better option for your business, let’s take a look at the benefits and the disadvantages of both.

In-House Team Benefits

There are several benefits to putting together your own in-house IT support team. Perhaps the most prominent of these benefits is that they will know your system more intimately. They’ll also be familiar with your business’s daily functions and programs.

With an in-house team, the cost of service will be predictable. You won’t have surprising fees pop up and you’ll know where your money is going as you’ll have a lot more control over the team processes. 

In-House Team Cons

One of the cons of hiring your own in-house team is that you’ll have to pay your team even when they aren’t actively repairing or working on something. Whether they are on an hourly wage or monthly salary, there will be times where there’s not a lot of IT work to do. This is just the reality of how IT support works.

Another disadvantage of an in-house team is that they won’t have the means to do everything. While your team may be well equipped, there are some things they just won’t be able to do and you’ll find yourself having to still outsource the work while also paying your in-house team. 

Alternatively, there may be times when there’s too much work for your in-house team to finish in a timely manner. In other words, having an in-house team doesn’t allow you the flexibility of increasing or decreasing your team resources easily.

There may come a time when you need the expertise of someone not on your team. In-house teams can have limited expertise fields and when a very niche problem comes up, they may not have the skills or expertise necessary to deal with it.

Outsourcing Benefits

With outsourcing, you’ll have access to a team of skilled professionals without having to pay all of them a regular salary. You won’t be paying extra for a consultation from someone with very niche expertise when you outsource to an IT company.

When you outsource, you’ll also find that because these professionals work with many other businesses, they’ll know what will and won’t work for your company. 

They’ve tried and tested several methods and thanks to their broad experience, they really do know the best way for solving a certain problem. You won’t be as limited to what your own personal team can or cannot do.

Outsourcing Cons

When working with an outsourced team, it’s common to have fears or doubts about what’s going on. Maybe you don’t feel like you’re being kept in the loop as well as you think you should be. 

Since outsourced teams work with other businesses, you might feel that they’re not entirely focused on your needs. However, choosing a reputable IT support company will be beneficial here. A good company will have adequate resources and good customer support to attend to all their clients’ needs.


Outsourcing your IT support can save you money and open up possibilities. With more access to a wide variety of fields and skilled professionals, you’ll have more support and cost-efficiency than if you choose to build your own in-house team.

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keep password secure

Tips on keeping your password secure

As people subscribe to more online services like social media and such, a lot of personal information is held online. Now more than ever, passwords are integral in keeping that information safe because of the threats and risks that are associated with data leaks and malicious cyber attacks. See these tips from the best Orlando IT support team to keep your password secure.

Tips on Keeping Your Password Secure

Since passwords remain a primary source of security and protection for the personal information of many people around the world, here are some tips to help keep your password secure. 

Longer Passwords

Creating longer passwords is one way of making a password more secure. Most websites even require a minimum character count for passwords (i.e., websites usually require a password at least 8 characters long). The reason for this is that longer passwords are basically more difficult to crack, especially when it comes to cracking passwords through brute strength. 

Longer passwords mean more combinations of random characters, making the password inherently stronger. 

No Personal Information

One thing many people tend to do is create a password that is associated with their personal information such as birthdays, nicknames, and such. Understandably, people do this to make their passwords memorable for them. However, this is such a common trick, making it easy to use your personal information as a way to break through your passwords. 

As much as possible, it would be best to use words that are not associated with you at all.  

No Real Words

Real words are another tactic that people commonly use to help them remember their passwords. Understandably, a password that consists of an actual word is way easier to remember than a string of random letters and numerals.

However, it would be even better to create passwords out of a random string. If you have ever tried a password generator, this is the type of password that it would suggest. Not only should you create a random string of numbers and letters, but remember to throw in some symbols as well. 

The use of a variety of characters helps strengthen passwords. Some websites even require a mix of a minimum of three different characters including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. 

Use Different Passwords

A common mistake is to use a single password for every online account you have. It is essentially putting all your eggs in one basket. No matter how strong your single password is, it will always be dangerous to use it in every single account. It’s like having one key to all the doors in your home. 

Having one password in all accounts makes it easier for hackers because all they need to know is one password to access all your other accounts. 

Change Passwords Regularly

When was your password last changed? If you haven’t changed your password since you first created your account, then it’s probably time for a change. 

It’s best to even change your passwords every quarter, especially when those passwords are protecting very sensitive accounts such as online bank accounts and other accounts that may be connected to your credit card such as online shopping accounts. 

Use a Password Manager

If you are terrible at making strong passwords and remembering them, then consider using a password manager. Password managers are specialized software that holds all your passwords, automatically signs you into online accounts, and even suggests new passwords for when you are creating new accounts. 

If you don’t want to use their suggested passwords, they usually come with the ability to evaluate whether your password is strong or not. 


Complicated passwords might be difficult to remember but they’ll protect you more than you realize. Having an easy password will risk your personal information to people with possibly malicious intentions such as identity theft. Follow these tips to make your passwords a little stronger and make your data a little safer. 

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Improving the Productivity of Your Company with IT Services

Businesses are continually lookinImproving the Productivity of Your Company with IT Servicesg for ways to increase productivity among their employees. One of the ways you can increase production is by outsourcing your IT needs to professionals. Technology is becoming more critical for companies today. By hiring an Orlando IT company, you can make sure all your tech needs are being met while allowing your employees to focus on their jobs without any distractions. In this blog, learn how hiring a company that specializes in IT managed services can help increase your productivity in the workplace.

Allow Staff to Focus on What They Do Best

People tend to be happiest and most productive when they get to focus on what they do best. When you hired your employees, you hired them to do a specific job. However, when they have to take time out of their regular work routine to deal with tech problems, it takes time away from their actual responsibilities. Therefore, when you hire an IT services provider, you won’t have to worry about employees performing tasks outside of their expertise. Your IT professionals can handle all your tech needs, so your employees can work on what they do best, which is helping you run your business.

Access to Talent and Resources

Are you thinking about expanding your business? Or do you have time-sensitive projects you need to be done? If either one of those questions pertains to you, your company’s productivity could benefit from hiring an IT services provider. When you outsource your IT services, it gives you access to specialized talent and resources that you wouldn’t usually have. The assistance you receive can make your staff more capable of doing their jobs more quickly without any interruptions.

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Effective Technology

There is no doubt having functional, state-of-the-art technology can increase your productivity and makes it easier for your employees to do their jobs effectively. With the proper technique, you can reduce unnecessary paperwork, improve communications, increase organization, and more.

Hiring a managed IT service provider offers your business access to the latest and best software available. Furthermore, IT services can help you decide what you need, and which tools will benefit your employees the most. Plus, they ensure the tech tools that you use will continue working when you need them.

Limited Downtime

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Internet outages, security breaches, and unplanned downtime can all limit your productivity in your business. They frustrate customers and may cause you to lose sales. Also, you will probably spend a lot of time and energy trying to fix the issue. With IT managed services, you can decrease the downtime your business experiences and get back up and running faster. As a result, your employees will be able to do their work, and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your company is in good hands.

24/7 Support

Lastly, when tech problems happen, your entire workplace can be put on hold. IT service providers offer around the clock support and can help you resolve all your tech issues as soon as they happen. If you’re looking for more creative ways to increase your company’s productivity, contact NetComplete to learn how we can help to improve productivity in your business.

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Security Tips for Your Devices

security tips for your devicesMajor companies such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft invest a lot of resources in the Internet of Things (IoT). However, just like any other technological trend, it will come with some minor issues and setbacks. Due to the diversity in IoT, developers are still working on creating large-scale security solutions. Fortunately, NetComplete has some tips you can do to keep IoT cyber attacks in check.

Set Passwords

Surprisingly a lot of people don’t know they can set passwords for IoT, making their gadgets more accessible to hacking. You must make sure to set new and strong passwords — specifically, ones with a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and a symbol. It also helps if you use a password manager to help keep track of all your passwords.

Disable Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)

UPnP helps IoT gadgets to discover and connect to other devices. However, this feature can also act as a gateway for hackers to infiltrate your devices and networks. To avoid this, disable these features on all your devices.

Create a Separate Network

It’s always the smart choice to keep your IoT devices connected to their own network that is separate from your main office networks. When you create a separate network, devices can connect to the internet but won’t have access to any essential files you have on your device. You can also invest in device access management tools. These tools allow you to control which devices can access certain data and monitor the unauthorized ones.

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How to Choose an IT Company

There are many things that you ultimately want to consider when thinking about choosing an IT company. The best experience comes from doing business with a company who will give you personal treatment and shares your commitment to a job well done.

Many IT companies outsource their technical support. When taking the time to consider which IT company you want to choose for your business, you are going to want a company that can guarantee that a real person is there to answer your phone call every time. This is one of the distinct advantages of choosing a small business to do your IT work. Many big businesses have no choice but to outsource or automate their technical support. (more…)

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Most Expensive Computer Viruses In History

Internet WormEver since people have had computers, there have been people who , for no reason other than to watch the world burn, create viruses to corrupt them. You may think that a typical virus is there, you give it to your tech guy, and its gone. It wasn’t always that easy. Before knowledge of viruses became a staple skill of an IT company, viruses could wreak havoc, and brick millions of computers in the process.

Many of the most destructive viruses are hatched via unknown email spread. The infamous “MyDoom” virus was spread this way, and caused almost $40 billion in damages. It is also believed that this virus had the ability to infiltrate other programs as well, which made completely removing the virus a tedious and nearly impossible task. It also opened up your computer to be able to be accessed by others . It was spread by creating a fake ’email was not sent properly’ sort of message. Once it was opened, it sent itself to every contact that it could find, which made it very harmful, and very quick moving. (more…)

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Clean Up Your Email!

Cleanup your emailMany of our clients come to us with issues regarding their email. There are a lot of things that you can do to avoid even having to give us a call about something that is supposed to be so simple. Back when emails first started, it was a lot like texting is now. You get excited because you know that that email is from a friend or family member who is trying to tell you something. Now it’s more like a portal for spam.

Emails are not designed to be a storage unit for years and years of your electronic conversations. You should try to empty your inbox on a regular basis to cut down on the amount of unnecessary data slowing down your system. There are many ways to  go about making your email your friend, and not your annoying kid brother, you just have to know the right Orlando IT company. (more…)

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Quality Hardware Means More Profits And Less Downtime

Quality Hardware You pay your employees to work, right? If you are saving money by using circa 2003 computer equipment,  it might be a good idea to opt for an upgrade. The less time your employees are waiting for something to load, or something to be fixed, the more time they are spending getting work done. Also, if you are backed up to a quality server, there is less of a chance of hardware failure, and that means less downtime.

Now I’m not saying go out and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on top of the line equipment (It’s a better idea to lease anyway). But I am making a logical connection between up to date equipment and employee work completion rate. Companies that are based around computers and the internet should really take this advice to heart. Not only will you be taken less seriously on dinosaur age CPUs, but you’ll see a substantial increase in turnout, and employee overall moral. After all, who wants to strain their eyes on a CRT monitor when there are plenty affordable LCD displays on the market? (more…)

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Leasing VS Buying IT equipment

Leasing has been around for hundreds of years, but has undoubtedly changed as products and technology have evolved overtime. Computer and IT equipment is notorious for becoming outdated extremely quickly as newer, faster, models appear on the market. You could spend thousands of dollars, wasting most of this, to continue to buy and sell your equipment as technology pushes forward. This is why the option of leasing your IT equipment, rather than buying, is an invaluable tool in maintaining a fresh business. (more…)

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