The Importance Of Encryption

Digital data security has been a matter of great concern since its evolution. Especially when your computers stores personal information and financial transaction details via Internet, a computer security system is critical. Passwords were the much older option that had proven to be ineffective in hands of hackers.

The reliable and effective modern technology to protect your personal data is encryption. Encrypting your information is a bit like keeping it in a locked safe. Only those who have a key or know the lock’s combination can access it. Legally, you are personally and fiscally responsible for any information disclosure from your computer or mobile devices, whether accidental or not. By protecting the entire contents of your machine and your files in general from unauthorized viewing through a strong encryption program, you can secure your computer from data disclosure even if it falls into the hands of people you don’t want knowing your personal information. (more…)

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Telecommuting Pitfalls And How To Do It Right

Having employees working away from the main office presents its fair share of natural problems. Especially if your company is computer based, it’s crucial to make sure that everyone working remotely is connected to a main data base to ensure proper execution of tasks. There are also many other obstacles to overcome to properly run a company where a number of the employees work remotely. (more…)

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Computer Repair and Maintenance

With technology getting to be such an integral part of life today, a broken computer can be devastating to your business, education, and social life. Proper maintenance is a key factor in keeping your beloved computer out of the repair shop. Hiring an expert can definitely get to be expensive, when more times than not, the problems being fixed aren’t even that complicated of an issue to begin with. With the proper groundwork of knowledge about computers, you can keep your machine running like new. (more…)

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Basic Email Troubleshooting from an Orlando IT Company

For most business professionals, if your email is not working, you’re not working. Email provides a major path of communication around the clock for businesses. So, what do you do when your email stops working? Once you’re done yelling at your computer or device, there are some basic troubleshooting steps you can take to figure out where the problem is coming from. (more…)

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Orlando Network Security Tips in Password Protection

Password ProtectionPassword protection is one of the major Orlando Network Security concerns to be aware of in 2013. 2012 was full of reports that passwords had been obtained from several large companies. LinkedIn, and eHarmony, for example, all faced the wrath of such attacks.

There are cybercrime laws that will punish a hacker when they are caught, but these laws do not stop hackers from doing what they do, nor will it. Although, hackers will continue to find ways to get the information they are looking for, there are some steps that can be taken to better ensure the safety of your data.

It is a known fact that password protection is a Network Security technology that is facing the end of its lifespan. Alternative authentication methods need to be implemented but this transition is not easy. There lies that reason why we are still using a technology that is leaving our systems vulnerable to attackers. (more…)

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