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Orlando Network Security Tips in Password Protection

Password ProtectionPassword protection is one of the major Orlando Network Security concerns to be aware of in 2013. 2012 was full of reports that passwords had been obtained from several large companies. LinkedIn, and eHarmony, for example, all faced the wrath of such attacks.

There are cybercrime laws that will punish a hacker when they are caught, but these laws do not stop hackers from doing what they do, nor will it. Although, hackers will continue to find ways to get the information they are looking for, there are some steps that can be taken to better ensure the safety of your data.

It is a known fact that password protection is a Network Security technology that is facing the end of its lifespan. Alternative authentication methods need to be implemented but this transition is not easy. There lies that reason why we are still using a technology that is leaving our systems vulnerable to attackers. (more…)

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Network Security Experts Predict The Future Of Cloud Services

As the Network Security experts from Net Complete, LLC predict the future of cloud services, it is rather evident that many more organizations will be changing their systems from the onsite based computing services to the clouds. This is because there seems to be far more gains in doing this than there are reasons to remain stuck on the old style of doing things. Many firms are particularly worried about the high cost of keeping too many employees.  (more…)

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What Is “Managed IT” Used By IT Services Central Florida Experts?

IT ServicesThe IT Services Central Florida companies such as Net Complete, LLC offer in essence manage your network security for you. For instance, should your company make use of one hundred computer based work stations, these stations must run efficiently in order for your business to do the turnover expected of it. IT is an abbreviation for Information Technology which comprises of many facets of the computer industry.

A computer based business that relies on the efficiency of their network may not have the capital to have their own technicians working around the clock in order to monitor performance and troubleshoot maintenance problems. Computers like any other tool needs to be replaced and parts invariably break down. Apart from this and more importantly so, other businesses who are able to upgrade their systems do so so that they can do business with bigger companies who are providing technological advanced services to their clients. (more…)

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Leasing vs. Purchasing Computer Equipment

Is it time for your office to bring in some new equipment? Are you using dinosaur computers that are more of a pain than a help? Or maybe you need to add equipment because you are growing. If any of this is true for your business, I’m sure you’re not excited about spending the money to make these upgrades. Consider the option of leasing the new equipment that you need instead of spending all of that money at one time. We have done the research for you on the pros and cons of buying vs. leasing. (more…)

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Mac vs. PC For Your Office

Mac vs WindowsIn the battle of Mac vs. PC advertising plays on the stereotypical person that would own each type of computer. Mac has put a vision in the minds of consumers that a Mac user is young and inventive, hip and stylish, while a PC user is the pocket protector wearing nerd that created spreadsheets and tables for fun.

If you are looking to purchase a new computer for use in an office, your decision should not be based on an image you are made to think you will obtain. When making this type of investment you want to choose something that is going to work best for the major tasks the computer will be used for on a daily basis. (more…)

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Information On What To Expect From Your IT Support Orlando Onsite Monthly Visit

This is a simple guideline on what to expect from your IT Support Orlando onsite monthly visit from Net Complete, LLC. The biggest advantage of this type of service is that all computer systems in the office or home will be working at most favorable levels. It will also help to reduce chances of computer breakdowns, loss of valuable information, costly repairs, and work downtime. (more…)

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