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Clean Up Your Email!

Cleanup your emailMany of our clients come to us with issues regarding their email. There are a lot of things that you can do to avoid even having to give us a call about something that is supposed to be so simple. Back when emails first started, it was a lot like texting is now. You get excited because you know that that email is from a friend or family member who is trying to tell you something. Now it’s more like a portal for spam.

Emails are not designed to be a storage unit for years and years of your electronic conversations. You should try to empty your inbox on a regular basis to cut down on the amount of unnecessary data slowing down your system. There are many ways to  go about making your email your friend, and not your annoying kid brother, you just have to know the right Orlando IT company. (more…)

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Quality Hardware Means More Profits And Less Downtime

Quality Hardware You pay your employees to work, right? If you are saving money by using circa 2003 computer equipment,  it might be a good idea to opt for an upgrade. The less time your employees are waiting for something to load, or something to be fixed, the more time they are spending getting work done. Also, if you are backed up to a quality server, there is less of a chance of hardware failure, and that means less downtime.

Now I’m not saying go out and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on top of the line equipment (It’s a better idea to lease anyway). But I am making a logical connection between up to date equipment and employee work completion rate. Companies that are based around computers and the internet should really take this advice to heart. Not only will you be taken less seriously on dinosaur age CPUs, but you’ll see a substantial increase in turnout, and employee overall moral. After all, who wants to strain their eyes on a CRT monitor when there are plenty affordable LCD displays on the market? (more…)

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Telecommuting Pitfalls And How To Do It Right

Having employees working away from the main office presents its fair share of natural problems. Especially if your company is computer based, it’s crucial to make sure that everyone working remotely is connected to a main data base to ensure proper execution of tasks. There are also many other obstacles to overcome to properly run a company where a number of the employees work remotely. (more…)

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Leasing VS Buying IT equipment

Leasing has been around for hundreds of years, but has undoubtedly changed as products and technology have evolved overtime. Computer and IT equipment is notorious for becoming outdated extremely quickly as newer, faster, models appear on the market. You could spend thousands of dollars, wasting most of this, to continue to buy and sell your equipment as technology pushes forward. This is why the option of leasing your IT equipment, rather than buying, is an invaluable tool in maintaining a fresh business. (more…)

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Repair yourself, or take it in?

There are many problems that can arise on a computer. Various categories from software and hardware malfunctions to viruses and registry errors, how do you know what you can handle, and at what point do you need to take your computer in for repair? Generally, you should be running an antivirus software on a regular basis to help combat problems from entering your computer in the first place. If you failed to do this, many viruses can be removed with software, or manual deletion of a corrupted file. (more…)

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What is an IT specialist?

To most people, the job description of an IT specialist is somewhat of an unknown. Maybe you know they do something with computers, fix a problem here and there, but what do they really do? Yes IT specialists generally work solely with computers, but their job tasks can vary anywhere from repairing hardware, to troubleshooting and maintaining databases full of information. (more…)

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