Orlando Computer RepairNetComplete, LLC is appalled at the sheer amount of Orlando Computer Repair Scams that have occurred in the past decade. So many business owners and family members out there are being duped by fake “repair men” and causing thousands of dollars in losses.

These hackers are growing more and more sophisticated with their methods but some of the most effective and recent tactics involve a simple unsolicited phone call. The so called “computer expert” will call the residence or office of the intended victim and then proceed to inform them that their computer system is infected thus why he/she called.

Most innocent people are not computer experts and are gracious for this call, which unknowingly is about to cause much harm. Once the hacker has the ‘ok” from the client to proceed with a computer clean up. The hacker will have the person turn on their computer, and then will then connect to it remotely and obtain all the personal they need such as credit card information, bank account numbers, and other highly important financial and or personally destructive information.

This “computer repair” issue is so widespread police have had quite the case in trying to catch all of the hackers and contain the issue. Due to the simple fact that they call the victims under the guise of “helping them” many have fallen under this attack.

Moral of the sotry? The moral is to please be highly suspicious of any unsolicited calls you may receive by ANYONE who claims to be a computer repair specialist. The only legitimate call is the one that YOU yourself make when in need to a professional. There are many options and tips on finding a reputable repairman locally in your area such as reviews on listings, company websites, calls, and much more.

Make sure that you do your homework when you need to hire an expert so that you do not fall for any traps. Contact a highly Orlando respected Computer Repair Company such as NetComplete, LLC to ensure that your computer is brought back to a great state and that your information is kept safe.